Excellence begins with attitude

Our Approach

Distribute as much information to as many people as possible, especially other real estate brokers. The more we work together, the faster you can move forward.

Our Attitude

Each broker that has information about your property is helping me help you; and therefore, their participation and cooperation is encouraged and welcomed. As part of the information distribution process, we also target specific user types that fit your property and contact them directly. By offering your property and assisting them with questions, we bring the customers to you!

Our Commitment

As our client, we promise to handle your property in the same manner that we would handle our own. We will offer our advice and recommendations through the lens of what is best for you above all other interests, including our own.

Our Marketing Steps

Create an online property profile & produce a printed flyer incorporating extras like photos, aerials and maps


List your property on “”


Distribute property information to the local commercial real estate community


Display your property as a featured property on our website, as well as list on other local and national websites


Include your property in our monthly newsletter distributed to local and state real estate professionals.


Place signs on your property

Exclusive Extras

Providing market information on competing available properties.

Recommending a pricing structure for your property.

Making recommendations to enhance the value and marketability of your property.

Providing feedback on how your property is being received by the market

Providing assistance and guidance during negotiations with prospects

Assisting with the due diligence and closing process to guard your interests

Are you ready to take the next step?

What can you expect when it comes to Closing Costs & Expenses?