Virginia "Ginny" A. Squire - Testimonials

“Not many realtors understand how real estate investors think, but Ginny does! Not only is she knowledgeable about the many methods of investing out there, she has a genuine zeal for the business that is contagious. Ginny has pushed me forward with encouragement at times when I didn’t feel very encouraged myself…I am grateful and appreciative of that.”

- Gail S., Real Estate Investor, RightMove Properties, LLC

“I’ve come to know Ginny as a deeply passionate business woman who cares about the people she serves and who can bring a great depth of understanding to those who are purchasing real estate. Ginny also has many skills in project management and real estate investing knowledge. To Ginny, her clients are not a means to an end; she truly wants them to be satisfied, happy, and in control of their decisions. Ginny is a woman of high integrity with a strong work ethic and who uses those values to be a successful businesswoman.”

- Nancy L., Principal, Fresh Perspectives Training and Coaching

“I’ve worked with Ginny in a number of different capacities…She is an incredible real estate agent, coach, and real estate investor. I recommend anyone interesting in buying/selling/investing in real estate to reach out to her as soon as possible.”

- Jack K., Owner, WNY Realty Advisors

“I have had the privilege of getting to know Ginny both personally and professionally and highly recommend her as a personal coach and mentor. Having the opportunity to work with her and get inside her head, I am astounded by her knowledge in the real estate coaching arena—and she is a force to be reckoned with. Add to that her passion for serving others and it’s a win-win on both sides. Any person should feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with and know Ginny—as I do.”

- Wendy E., Freelance Web Development, Self-employed

“Ginny is a highly motivated, skilled, Real Estate investor and mentor with the highest ethics and passion for serving others. She has helped many launch or improve their real estate businesses.”

- Scott G., President, Freedom First REIA, Ltd

“Ginny has always been committed to the details that matter. Often times I work with business owners who are so consumed with the 50,000 foot view that they miss the easy things in their control. Ginny excels at watching the big picture AND focusing on the details. If you need someone to do a ROI analysis on every aspect of your Real Estate portfolio, call her. If you need a property analyzed BEFORE you put it on the market, call her.”

- John N., Principal/Owner, HudsonThames Consulting

“Ginny is a professional, hard-working, outstanding, up-front, high-end real estate broker and Business women who I have worked with and trust. Ginny is a leader in her field and an asset to the Real Estate community.”

- Sydney C., Founder/Ceo, SydChaseGroup